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Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What forms of payment does Gluuoo accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

Q: What is the minimum required internet speed?

A: Download speed should be 3.0Mbps or higher.

Q: Is there any bandwidth usage protection provided?

A: Yes, if there is no activity with your remote control during 2 hours (if you do not press any buttons on your remote), the set-top box will stop automatically. To re-activate it,press any button. It is recommended for your benefit, when you are not watching iON programming, unplug your set-top box from the power.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi connectivity option on the set-top-box?

A: There is. To connect our set-top-box using Wi-Fi, we provide instructions. However, we do not provide technical support for the Wi-Fi option of connectivity. We recommend a Wi-Fi connection for advanced users only with experience in setting up and the configuration of a wireless network. Also, the Internet speed must be higher (3Mbps) for a proper performance of the receiver. Also note that only WEP encryption is capable, there is no WPA encryption support at this time.

Q: How can I measure my internet speed?

A: Click here to be redirected to Ookla speed test page.

Q: Can I view your service before signing up?

A: Yes, we are happy to provide you with a FREE 7 day trial of Gluuoo with your subscription. We will charge you only after the 7 day trial expires.

Q: Are you going to be adding more channels to my package?

A: Yes, we are constantly upgrading our packages to serve you better. We will be posting updates on our website.

Q: I’m not a technical person; can a representative come to my home and install Gluuoo’s service for me?

A: Yes, we have a team that can stop by your home and install your Gluuoo service for you. An additional installation fee will apply. Please contact us for the nearest Gluuoo team member in your area. Otherwise, our Customer Support Representatives can guide you through the installation process step-by-step at no additional cost.

Q: How to add devices?

A: Roku:
1) Signin to
2) Go to My Gluuoo=> My account => Link Device
3) Click on Roku Add Channel
4) Sign-In to your Roku account
5) Press OK for the "Warning message"
6) From the search result click "Yes, Add Channel"
7) Update your Roku player and "Gluuoo" will show as an app
8) Open Gluuoo App and press the * button and go to the settings
9) Click "Link Device"
10) Note down 7 digit pin
11) From a web browser go to and login with your credentials
12) Click on My account => Link Device => Device Link
13) Enter the 7 digit Pin and click "link"
14) From Roku you will get the message "You are Linked:
That’s it... Now sit back and enjoy.

Q: How do I Sign up?

A:1) Visit from any web Browser
2) Click "Start Your Free 7 day Trial"
3) Enter you details and create an account
4) Select package "Gold" or "Platinum"
5) Enter Credit Card details (you will be charged after the 7 day trail period). Can cancel anytime
6) That’s It... You are ready to watch more than 5000 hours of premium Sri Lankan content.