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Kolomba Sanniya | (කොළඹ සන්නිය)

Kolomba Sanniya is a Sinhalese language comedy film released in 1976. Andare a rustic villager finds a valuable gem when he goes behind a bush to perform his morning ablutions. (no toilets in the village) He sells the gem and buys a house in Colombo. The whole family, Andare's elder sister, brother Jakolis , son and daughter try their best to get adjusted to the life of Colombo 7 - Cinnamon Gardens and as they find eventually, it is not an easy task. Cast: Geetha Kumarasinghe, Joe Abeywickrema, Denawaka Hamine, Freddy Silva, Eddie Jayamanne, Don Sirisena Direction: Manik Sandrasagara Produced by:Tyronne Fernando