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Duwana Muwan | (දුවන මුවන්)

Duwana Muwan is a Sri Lankan Sinhala children's film released in 2014. Sama is Sinhala language teacher by profession in her village school. She is married to Amara who has done his tertiary education abroad. Their only son is Danushka. The school where Sama teaches is very poor in English although she is a Sinhala teacher she starts to teach English in a new way. She uses new methods which are easy to remember for many children. In the mean time, Having realized the ingratitude of some of the school teachers Amara plans to leave Sri Lanka with Saama and the son. She is reluctant to leave. This leads to a conflict within Samaa’s family. Cast : Uddhika Premarathna, Pabasara Diddeniya, Maurine Charuni and child actor Kaushalya Nirmana Direction : Indra Weerasekara Produced by : Mano Weerasekara