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Jeewithe Lassanai | (ජීවිතේ ලස්සනයි)

Jeewithe Lassanai (Life is Beautiful) is a Sri Lankan Sinhala comedy film released in 2010. A wealthy businessman Aaron Mudalali (Ananda) has four uncontrollable daughters, named : Dinethra (Maheshi), Subodhani (Menaka), Devumini (Nethu), and Kavya (Ruwangi), who refuse to be disciplined, and be married due to several opinions and atitudes. One day, a wealthy young man Wishwa (Ranjan) who is in love with youngest daughter Kavya arrives to Mudalali's house and asked him to give permission to marry her. But, mudalali refuses it and said that it has been said that, he must marry all four daughters at the same time at same wedding, unless he will die soon. So, mudalali hand over Wishwa to locate three other grooms for his three daughters also, otherwise no marriage will take place. Will Wishwa success on this? Cast: Ranjan Ramanayake, Tennyson Cooray, Ananda Wickramage, Anton Jude, Ruwangi Rathnayake, Maheshi Madusanka, Nethu Priyangika, Menaka Madhuwanth Direction: Sudesh Wasantha Peris Produced by: Sunil T Films