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Que Sera | ( කේ සෙරා )

Que Sera is a Sri Lankan Sinhala dark comedy romance film released in 2014. The storyline in Que Sera is straightforward enough: two young sisters, Sera and Yvonne, are the new heirs to a bankrupt family business – a funeral parlour: the remains of what was once a flourishing estate now in debt, bankruptcy and splinters. The story builds up as Sera, along with Yvonne and Billie (a relative?), try to revive the dead business by giving it a facelift and a re-launch. Cast: Dilhani Ekanayake, W. Jayasiri, Michelle Herft, Yoshini Abeysekera Hans Bilimoria, Oshini Perera, Priyankara Perera, Sando Harris Direction: Parakrama Jayasinghe Produced by: ELF Movies