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Ranja | (රන්ජා)

Ranja is a Sri Lankan Sinhala action thriller film released in 2014. Ranja(Ranjan Ramanayake) along with Vihangi(Himali Siriwardena) and her mother(Nilmini Kottegoda) come to the Colombo city to meet the minister(Srimal Wedisinghe) they've elected to the parliament to hand over a petition about a factory in their village which poisons village river. All three of them stay at Ranja's childhood friend Jonny's (Tennison Cooray) house at Colombo. Meanwhile, a local goon named Swarna (Piumi Boteju) and her brother Kalu Vijay (Wasantha Kumaravila) involved in many illegal activities in the area with the backing of the minister. One day, Vihangi accidentally collides with Kalu Vijay following which he tries to beat her but is saved by Ranja. Ranja and Kalu Vijay get involves in a heated argument which makes Kalu Vijay angry towards Ranja.. Cast: Ranjan Ramanayake, Tennyson Cooray, Himali Siriwardena, Srimal Wedisinghe Direction: Sudesh Wasantha Peiris Produced by: Sunil T. Films